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Want slick tyres, but need to avoid silicone?

Silicone and spray paint.
They really don’t mix.
Automotive restorers, detailers, panel beaters and painters will be the first to tell you, silicone contamination is one of the most time-consuming and frustrating experiences that you can have in a body-shop.
And, as silicone is such a large component in many rubber and vinyl cleaners/polishes, avoiding silicone contamination is harder than it sounds.
Castle Chemicals has developed TYRE SLICK, a silicone-free, high-performance tyre care formulation to combat this problem.
Simply spray or wipe on a light coat of TYRE SLICK and work around the tyre with a soft brush or cloth. TYRE SLICK provides long-lasting shine and protection and will not damage any surfaces (including painted surfaces) with incidental contact.
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