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Reduce healthcare-associated infections!

Healthcare facilities, while necessarily clean, are often some of the dirtiest places around.
With such emphasis placed on the sterility of utensils, surfaces and procedures, the importance of maintaining hand cleanliness and sterility is magnified in such a facility.
However, maintaining good hand hygiene is a battle. A battle against invisible enemies: infection-causing bacteria and other nasties. Even in hospitals and other ‘sanitary’ health-care facilities, bacteria is rampant.
SANITIMER is an attachment for hand-washing sinks which helps regulate the hand-washing process and reduces bacteria on the surface of the skin and nails.
SANITIMER’s LED timer counts for 30 seconds from when the water begins flowing through its mechanism, and beeps upon completion of the cleaning cycle. Hand-washing for 16-20 seconds removes about 99% of total bacteria, as opposed to 38% during a hand-wash lasting 5-11 seconds.
The SANITIMER is designed to function alongside your operation’s motion sensors, foot pedals or other sink attachments. Its battery will run for 9 months to 1 year and is extremely easy to replace.
Outfit your entire operation for a fraction of the cost of a single healthcare-associated infection.
For more information about the SANTIMER, click here. To see Frequently Asked Questions about the SANITIMER, click here.
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