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The first cut is the cheapest

Hand cleaning and sanitation is a tricky business.
There is no acceptable trade-off between price and sanitation; maintaining clean hands and avoiding contamination is worth a high price indeed. However, spending hundreds on expensive hand wash and sanitation chemicals is no guarantee that hands will be contamination-free after the drying phase of the hand-washing process.
Using electronic hand dryers or traditional paper towel dispensers offer a chance for micro-organisms to latch onto the hands via contact with the surfaces of the unit.
The DAT auto-cut dispenser requires no contact with the dispenser itself, thus minimising chances of hand contamination. Simply hold the paper towel and pull.
Each use of the DAT involves pulling a pre-determined amount of paper out of the dispenser, at which time the ‘cutting’ mechanism is triggered, and the sheet is cut from the roll. No other contact required!
As many managers have found, paper towel is the least-expensive form of buying hand towel. However, the inability to regulate the amount of paper taken with each use often offsets this fact.
The DAT effectively removes this barrier for roll towel. An up-front investment in the DAT will see your organisation save money in the short- and long-term by reducing the amount of paper towel you need.
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