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Perasan – Fruit that looks good sells first!

If you’re in the fresh food processing industry, producing good-looking, healthy, safe-to-consume fruit and vegetables is your goal.
The process of how you go about achieving that goal is what sets you apart from the competition. Your post-harvest treatment options can affect the end-user, the distributor, the freight company, and finally, your bottom line.
From our 30 years in the post-harvest industry, we at Castle have developed a keen eye for effective, safe, and affordable post-harvest chemicals. Stemming from our global partnership with Envirotech USA, we’re pleased to announce exclusive distributor access to the market-leading Perasan, Peracetic Acid-based fruit and vegetable wash.
Perasan is recommended for use in the process waters of post harvest, fresh cut and processed fruits and vegetables in both batch and continuous operations. Perasan is also registered for use in spraying or dipping fruits and vegetables to control microbial growth that causes decay or spoilage on the surface of produce. Perasan complies with FSANZ and is an EPA-registered antimicrobial water additive for pathogen reduction in fruit and vegetable processing water.
In addition to the deleterious effects on microbial activity, Perasan rapidly breaks down after use into water, oxygen and acetic acid. These by-products are environmentally friendly, in line with our commitment to protecting our natural resources and ecosystems.
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