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Health inspection coming up?

On Thursday 29/1/15, the Herald Sun’s John Masanauskas reported on a string of breaches of food safety rules in Victoria.
The offenders were fined heavily (ranging from AUD$12,000 to AUD$90,000), and in some cases, never recovered from the financial damage these fines caused.
To compound the damage, according to Masanauskas, about 30 Victorian businesses were named and shamed on a Health Department website for convictions recorded over the past 18 months.
The convictions ranged from poor pest control measures, a lack of training for safe food handling procedures, and a failure to maintain easily accessible hand-washing facilities.
Proper cleaning and sanitation practices are easily accessible, easily affordable, and completely necessary for every food processing and serving business.
Don’t put sanitation in the ‘too hard’ basket. It could cost you and your business thousands, and can put you out of business permanently.
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