Castle Chemicals Compliance and Environmental Objectives
Castle engages with a number of third parties to assure quality, environmental standards and accreditation for safe production, end-use and disposal.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development department has dedicated on-site highly qualified chemists who strive for innovation and improve the end user’s operations.

Research. Develop. Repeat.

The Castle Approach

Castle’s continuous investment in research and development is a clear message to our stakeholders: the customer comes first. It is our business to provide you with the best product it is possible to manufacture at the time and to continue researching, revising and reformulating our products as the industry advances.


What is the problem a customer is facing? What materials are available to provide a solution to this problem? Our hard-working technical team is backed by Castle’s forty years of industry experience in the pursuit of leading-edge chemistry.


Once a solution to the problem is designed, revising and reformulating takes place in order to maximize product effectiveness, safety, and sustainability.



Product Integrity

Strict Quality Assurance measures (adhering to ISO9001) are enforced to ensure the product you receive is the best it can be, every time.
Every batch is 100% quality-controlled, with a batch sample and records retained for any required cross-examination by trained technical laboratory technicians.

Regulation + Compliance

Labelling, documentation, travel requirements and storage of chemicals are deeply involved subjects and offer many pitfalls for unobservant businesses and individuals. Trust Castle to protect your interests and prevent injury to staff, damage to assets, or heavy regulatory penalties.

Technical Support

Got a technical question you need answered? Call us.
Got a product you need replicated or defined? Call us.
Need help reducing cleaning expenditure, risk, or inefficiency?
 Call us, we are here to help?


Our Environmental Objectives

Consider our environmental responsibilities in all stages of product formulation, manufacture, filling and delivery, including plant design, operation, production and packaging.

– Optimize the recycling and minimisation of production waste materials and packaging.
– Monitor, evaluate and wherever possible reduce energy and water consumption.
– Monitor and evaluate our environmental initiatives through internal and external audits.
– Review our activities to develop objectives and targets to minimize the impact of the business on the local environment and develop appropriate
   programs to achieve these objectives.
– Optimize the use of biodegradable formulations and raw materials.
– Maximise use of recycled / recyclable packaging in product production.
– Formulate highly concentrated products / powders to minimise transport of water.
– Control product usage for our customers through the installation of automatic dispensing systems.

Accord Australasia is the national industry association for the Australasian hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products industry. Their criteria, designed and audited by expert chemists and toxicologists, represent the ‘Environmental Credentials Scheme’ – a scheme designed to recognise environmentally responsible performance, formulation and disposal among applicants.
Castle’s Green Pro meet or exceed these criteria, signified by the ACCORD rECOgnised icon on the product labels. Castle’s GreenPro range has undergone independent third-party scientific assessment against a rigorous multiple-criteria Standard.
The Recognised® Scheme was reviewed by an independent Expert Panel of toxicologists* as a “sound and robust…science-based, targeted and pragmatic set of criteria”, coupled with a “sound and transparent” third-party scientific accreditation process.
In addition, a number of Green Pro products have been accepted by the local Government NSW and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Partnership, adhering to the Sustainable Choice program’s environmental protection guidelines. In Victoria, numerous Green Pro products are accepted and promoted by Eco Buy.
At Castle Chemicals, we are committed to ensuring that we fulfil the requirements of applicable Australian and International Standards, and we are guided by our company’s environmental policy and principles and guidelines of AS/NZS ISO14001:2004 – Environmental Management System.
To achieve our environmental goals, we adhere to the principle of continual improvement and prevention of pollution. We have developed a framework to ensure our activities and services comply with all applicable environmental standards and contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

You can read more about Accord and rECOgnise HERE

Australian Car Wash Association

Castle is a proud member of the Supplier section of the Australian Car Wash Association, who exist to represent and help our car wash operators and car wash industry supplier Members.
The Australian Car Wash Association is the peak national body for the car wash industry in Australia. It enables strong industry representation to Government and Regulatory Authorities as well as providing an important role in enhancing the skills and knowledge of car wash business professionals through a range of research and best-practice guides, seminars and events.
We also love the Australian environment. We are committed to ensuring people understand how the world benefits by using a car wash when your car needs cleaning.
Simply put, when you wash your car at a commercial car wash, the pollutants and contaminated water are collected, cleaned and disposed of according to strict EPA Regulations

Learn more about the ACWA HERE 


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