Castle Chemicals isn’t just about superior chemicals, we are the whole package.

The right dispensing, equipment and chemical produce the best results, Castle has the Solutions, Chemistry and Service.


Dispensing the correct amount of chemicals means keeping staff, customers, residents and the surfaces safe from incorrect mixing or dosing, cleaned to the correct standard, and cost-efficiency.

Metered dispensing provides accurate data for costing your chemicals to maximize their potential and to keep your budget in check.

Ensuring staff are using the chemicals safely and accurately and minimising the need to mix, and handle the chemicals, means less lost time due to injury, and that all staff are cleaning to the same standard. We also provide as part of our service to you, Chemical Awareness training which gives both you and your staff the right industry-standard information and confidence in chemical use.
 From mixing stations to triggers and bottles, to foamers – we cover it all.

A Castle representative will access your site in person or remotely to ensure the best chemical/dispenser setup. Going through a number of key factors to get the best dispensing operation for your site.

We know each site is individual and provide a custom solution and a service plan.

Ongoing Support

If something goes wrong, we have a dedicated qualified in-house service team to help, this team knows our chemicals, our dispensers, our customers. Down time is kept to a minimum to reduce lost work time. Contact us via our website, your sales representative or ringing us directly. You will always talk to a knowledgeable team member.


Castle offers a range of equipment to provide the best results. Talk to our Sales Representatives for the best options for your site.

  • Sanitiser stations
  • Soap/Hand Sanitiser dispensers
  • Toilet and towel roll paper and dispensers
  • Commercial vacuums
  • Scrubbers
  • Commercial carpet cleaning machines
  • Foggers
  • Polishers
  • Pressure Washers


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