Just thought I’d give you some feedback on the new self-serve ICONIC SERIES range. We have had positive feedback from all of our customers. They love the new colours and smells, works great and get’s the bugs off. I also don’t miss mixing up powder anymore!

Steve was also great with everything and went out of his way to make sure I was happy with everything, and the product was set up perfectly. 

Nik  – Owner Cobram Victoria

I’ve been using Castle Chemicals for 4 years on both Laserwash 360+ autos and self-serve units and can’t fault the products or service. The team are knowledgeable and prompt and the Alpha auto range is excellent. Worked hard with the Castle team to eliminate white spots being left on vehicles in the auto bays and am thrilled with both the wash results and significant cost savings. Highly recommended.

Jess Costa  – Owner Melbourne


I changed to Castle products a bit over 12 months ago and haven’t looked back. I operate 3 sites and a truck wash, have a combination of touchless and friction machines and the wash quality is outstanding.


Simon Dunn – Washworks WA


We have 4 car wash sites in Melbourne.

Castle Chemicals is made here in Australia and they’re quality chemicals, of a very high level.

Brad Barrack, father’s dying wish to Brad was to produce quality chemicals and Brad and the Castle company has followed through with this.
They are continually improving and trying to find better ways to clean and protect cars which is important for our industry.
We have used chemicals from USA before and found costs to be excessive due to the shipping component as they’re classed as hazardous goods.
We Australians should all be supporting Australian companies, who make quailty chemicals over American products.
The Castle products are great and they also have the staff to provide outstanding service when required, which is also important. This includes their sales reps, service techs and chemical engineers.

Andrew Triant
Wash World Car Wash


Castle Chemicals are like family. They know our family, they know our business and they know the standards we want to bring to the business. When we started out in the industry they gave us a wealth of knowledge to ensure we deliver high standards at both our carwash sites. Wanting a chemical that is safe on your cars and safe for our staff but also a chemical that delivers the highest standards. Castle delivers on all these levels. We love being a part of the Castle Family.

Lucy + Mark Quartermain
Schmick Car Wash and Premier Auto Wash


Australia is not America, our dirt, plants, bugs and weather are very different, so using Australian-researched and produced products always makes more sense to me. I reached out to Castle who then sent a team to site to see how we operate, what we do that gives us our reputation for quality and how its resulted in maxing out the capabilities of our 2x M5 laserwash’s daily. They then went away and tailored their chemicals to our custom wash package needs.

To get a real-world comparison I trialled them for a month on one machine only, the visual results and customer feedback are why we have now been using them for over 6 months.

Like everyone, we are always looking at the bottom line, and while chemicals costs are everyone’s biggest overhead, how they can best be used and how you get them to your site are often not closely looked at, I shifted to 220L drums as you can get more on a pallet, less changeout in the plant room and people will pay you for the empties.

Daniel Singleton | Operations Manager Titanium Wash


We have four car wash sites in Melbourne

Castle products are extremely good and perform to the level my customers expect.

Their staff go above and beyond to get the best results and show they have the passion for the industry.

Nick Sam | Owner


Kustom AutoSpa was designed to be a flagship car wash facility, using state of the art equipment with our focus being delivering exceptional results for our customers.


After attending the Australian Car Wash Show in Sydney, we met the team from Castle Chemicals, who arranged a seamless trial period that was so professional it left other companies for dead.


We were totally blown away by the technical approach from Brad Barrack and his tech support/sales team.

Richard Parker (sales rep) from Castle attends our site every four to six weeks to check our stock levels, and ensure our Touch Free and Soft Touch machines are running at optimum efficiency.


The ordering process is seamless, with speedy delivery given our regional location.


The relationship with Brad and the team from Castle Chemicals has given us the confidence that we are supplied the best value and outstanding quality, as well as being extremely cost effective for us as business owners.


I would like to thank Castle Chemicals for their outstanding products and service, and look forward to a very long and great relationship with Kustom AutoSpa.

Jason + Kate | Owners Kustom AutoSpa