SPECTRUM Tri Colour Conditioner

 is a rich foaming liquid pre-sealant conditioner to provide antistatic and polish surface conditioning shampoo with a fresh lingering bubble gum fragrance.

SPECTRUM Tri Colour Conditioner produces large quantities of dense, high lubricity stable foam at very economical use dilutions. The high lubricity reduces surface friction while maintaining excellent cling qualities and is easily rinsed.

Provides antistatic/polish surface conditioning

• Suitable for use with foam brush and foaming equipment used i self-service car washes

• Friction Brush equipment for lubricity & great show

• Touch-Free equipment as a colour tri-foam

• Suggested Dilution Range – 1:200-1:300 : Hydrominder purple to pink

• Provides mild cleaning, great “show” with pleasing vibrant colourful foam

• Performs well in hard and soft water

• Easy Rinsing and phosphate free

• Can be used separately or in tri-colour applications

• Regular use will improve the life of any paintwork consistently exposed to UV radiation

• High lubricity formulation protects vehicles as well as foam brush equipment

• Available in red, blue and yellow